Oriented research, technology transfer and industrial development

Development, technological innovation and technology transfer are the main FBS activities, connecting the knowledge with the needs of companies and their technological improvements:

Mycology and Truffle cultivation

  • Forest management, soil and climate effects in fungal communities and their relationship to edible mushrooms production. Thesis by Carles Castaño. Industrial PhD. (Programme DI-2014-AGAUR. Catalan Government). Public & Private collaboration: UdL-FBS.
  • Ecologic and management factors affecting the production of truffle. Thesis by Daniel Oliach. Industrial PhD. (Programme DI-2015-AGAUR. Catalan Government). Public & Private collaboration: UdL-FBS.


Wood construction

  • Wood technology, diagnostic and inspection services. Testing and development of new products from wood construction and derived products by PhD. Eduard Correal.
  • Technological solutions based on wood panels. Programa doctorandos industriales 2015 MINECO. Marcel Vilches