“FBS works to enhance the research and the technology transfer at the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia, transforming it into market-oriented products and services”

stock-illustration-46904398-tick-mark-rounded-corner-square-purple-vector-web-button-icon Why FBS?

Forest Bioengineering Solutions SA was established in May 2014 as a CTFC spin off and started its activity in January, 2015. The objective of FBS is to give value to the research of the parent company and transfer it to the market in the form of new products and quality services linked to the expertise of CTFC’s scientists and technician teams, in daily contact with our sectoral SMEs.


stock-illustration-46904398-tick-mark-rounded-corner-square-purple-vector-web-button-icon What FBS does?

FBS structures its activity:

  • Inspection and diagnostic services, laboratory (analysis)
  • Technology services in the field of wood construction
  • Development of market-oriented new products, services and methodologies
  • Expertise services related with CTFC’s technical and scientific teams